Computerize Your Office


Brooklyn Web Center was established in 2002, with the goal of providing websites of the highest quality that would also deliver unlimited flexibility to meet each company's needs. We have expanded and integrated our basic software in countless creative and innovative ways to implement solutions that work for our customers.


Each design is custom-built to suit your industry and your business goals. We discuss your needs, and our designer puts it all together in a neat, appealing package.



In Web Development, experience is essential. The number of issues that can potentially arise is endless; a veteran will identify most of them up front and eliminate them even without your knowledge. In addition, experience provides the broad vision necessary to make sure you make a decision that will work for you both now and in the future.


At Brooklyn Web Center, the sky is the limit for your application. With a team of skilled programmers at the ready, we adjust and add features to your website anytime. In the quick-changing world of business and web, it is important for your website to be flexible. Whether it's creating new datafeeds, integrating 3rd-party software, or having your orders arrive in your desktop application, we've done it before and will be glad to assist you.



Pacing work properly is a science all businesses would do well to study. At Brooklyn Web Center, we are proud to pace our work in manageable chunks, delivering jobs for new clients in good time while leaving space for ongoing requests from our existing clients. Most of the time, we'll be urging YOU on, encouraging you to prepare your data, images and other material, so that we can reach your objectives efficiently.

  • Owl Copy

    The design team at Brooklyn Web Center was so helpful and accommodating when working -- and reworking -- my website design. The outcome was nicer than anything I expected (and I have pretty high expectations!). They also trained me to upload new projects myself and were very responsive to anything I needed, even after the site was long done.

  • BF Design

    We came to Brooklyn Web Center with an already-created software that needed further customization and general maintenance. The talented team at Brooklyn Web Center have been a wonderful resource to us, possessing all the necessary skills for our complex system. Their creative abilities, advanced knowledge and fine attention to detail have been particularly important for our project. And, of course, their pleasant manner adds a fantastic bonus to the package!

  • DOB Alerts

    Our experience with BWC is special! A very devoted team, devoted to our needs and to the customization of our very unique program. We came to BWC with a "fantasy" and BWC turned it into a reality.